luni, 11 aprilie 2016

Click Fraud affects Conversion Rate

           AdWords platform is very useful at attracting clients and prospecting leads. You just set a budget, put a title to it and wait for click to come. But what happens when the clicks are registered but no actual conversion is going on. Or worse, the platform shows you a lot of activity on that particular ad group but you don’t see the same numbers on your site. In most cases, that happens because the clicks are being made either by your competition or by special boots designed to fraud a campaign. We thought about this and came with an adwords click fraud program that uses a special algorithm to understand each and every click.

           Its main job is to find the clicks that are being made either by firms who want to sabotage your campaign or different robots. After it localises those particular ones, it tracks the IP of it and bans it. You can either let the program do his thing, or you can manually set the time you want an IP to be banned, after what number of clicks you want it to be done, or what number of hours or days you want the ban to be present.

            Either way you choose to use it, be it manual with you setting the details of it or be it automatic where the program uses its algorithm to understand which clicks are false and which are real users, your campaign will reach a new high. Think about it. Now you spend a important part of your budget on false clicks. The Ad isn’t clicked by the buyer or the user, and you lose money in the process. That’s not good for your business. Try AdWords Click Fraud and see how much your campaign will improve and how much actual clients you can reach with the same budget.